• Meredith Rawlings

I changed my Instagram handle...here's why

Why did my instagram handle change?

For over a year now I have been Mere Body and Soul.

I started this account while I was deep in my corporate job and still had very little hope that I would ever be able to leave.

Mere Body and Soul was who I was when I didn’t have a vision, when I barely believed I could ever have more than a day dream of a coaching business.

Mere Body and Soul represents just a flicker of hope that turned into a real, growing, impactful business. It represents the leap of faith it took to get me from my windowless office, burning with the desire to help other women to directly and powerfully changing the lives of over 20 women in a year!

I was Mere Body and Soul because I didn’t trust that Meredith was enough to change more lives. I was battling imposter syndrome, still unsure of my own power.

Part of me knew I would outgrow the handle @merebodyandsoul. It felt kind of silly to say it out loud, I was always slightly uncomfortable telling people where to find me on Instagram or my website. But I wasn’t ready to step out from behind that name.

But it’s time. I know now who I am. I've felt my own power rising up inside me for a long time, I've felt things shifting; I've been feeling more and more like myself.

I am 100% sure that I am meant to guide, lead, and inspire those who feel that little flicker of hope that they can be more. I know what God put me here for and I FINALLY fully believe in myself and, even better, I KNOW how to bring you through the same transformation!

I am ready to show you all the way to becoming aligned with your self worth, knowing your value, and loving yourself.

Meredith Rawlings is here, are you ready for me?

PS If you want to catch up with me on instagram, you can now find me at @_meredithrawlings

See you soon!