• Meredith Rawlings

Who do I help?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

To the woman who has intrinsic motivation; who is constantly working to better herself but still feel like she is spinning her wheels. She knows that achievement and success is her favorite way to feel worthy, maybe the only way she feels worthy.

She pushes and works and tries to control everything in her life. She’s on cloud nine one minute, full of energy and excitement. Then the next she’s convinced of her own ineptitude, and inevitable failure.

She knows is missing something. She knows there is a better way to live but she doesn’t know how to implement it. She’s tried and tried to diet, exercise, change her eating habits. The same way she pushes herself at work to be perfect, to have everything under control. She pushes and plans and then it falls apart.

This is the one thing she can’t stay on top of: her thoughts about herself.

She is active, she knows logically she's healthy and yet, she feels disgusted when she looks in the mirror.

When she catches a glimpse of herself walking past a window she can point out 5 things in one instant that she yearns to change about herself.

She KNOWS that if she could just feel comfortable in her own skin she would FINALLY have it all.

But nothing is working. She’s tired of hating herself. She’s running out of energy and it’s seeping into every other facet of her life.

Why is that? Why can’t she accept herself? Why does she feel that “body positivity” applies to everyone...except for her?

Because she is missing the secret to feeling comfortable and satisfied with herself, with her life. No one has told her, or at least she has never believed anyone who has told her before.

Here’s the secret: let go.

Let go of the need to change yourself.

Let go of your vice-like control over every aspect of your life.

Let go of dieting.

Let go of perfectionism.

Instead, ease into the flow of your own intuition. Allow yourself to give your body and your soul what she needs every day.

Ask yourself what you truly want and what you truly need every day.

It is simple. It is so heartbreakingly simple. But it isn’t easy.

After so long living in a state of pushing forward, it will go against all your conditioning to let go and allow the current to carry you. You’ll fight it. You’ll struggle.

You’re going to need some help.

My passion, my purpose is to guide women to discover their own beauty and become connected to their bodies, souls, and to teach them how to float on the current of their lives rather than fighting every day.

What’s missing from the lives of most people is the certainty that life is working for them. That they have everything they need to be fulfilled, confident, and happy.

My job is to teach you to live a more intuitive life, to connect you to that inner peace that comes when you allow yourself to yield so that you become comfortable, elated, and at home in your own body.

How do we do it? It sounds a little out there, right?

Ultimately, the process is straightforward. We have to identify your fears, where your feelings of lack come from in order to undo the habits and thoughts that stem from them.

Once your fears no longer make sense to you, it is natural to allow yourself to yield to possibilities and exciting thoughts rather than to succumb to the scared, mean part of your conditioning.

Once those thoughts and habits no longer have a hold on you, you will see the inherent light you have inside you. It will be easier to see how things are always working out for you and why you were created the way you are.

I have had clients get new jobs, go deeper in their relationships, wear their first sexy, tight fitting dresses, make their highest earning sales quarter, and so much more.

You can’t imagine the breakthroughs you can have and the excitement you have the potential to feel just by being yourself. I promise you, it’s possible for you.

If you’re still reading this it’s because something within you knows that you can have all that I just described. It’s because you have hope for your future self.

You know you are worthy of feeling this way.

So please let me help you, nothing would make me happier than seeing you become the joyful person you are meant to be.