• Meredith Rawlings

Why you can't lose weight

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

How many times have you said the words "I eat healthy and work out, I just can't lose weight!"

You probably feel frustrated, confused, angry at your body. You blame your metabolism or your genetics for your fate. You feel stuck; doomed to live in a body that hates you for the rest of your life.

Okay so maybe that's a little dramatic...but maybe not. I know I felt that way for a long time before I finally figured out the secret to losing weight comfortably and permanently.

Before I clue you in on the secret you'll have to go through a few steps:

1. Stop the "fat talk"

The next time you eat a meal DO NOT say or even think the words "I shouldn't have eaten all that. I am so fat." Absolutely not, child, that ain't nothin' but the devil. First of all, no one wants to hear about how you regret a delicious meal and takes away from their happy food coma experience. Second, your words create your reality. If you are constantly telling yourself you are fat, guess what. A fat body is what you will perceive. Depending on how vehement and frequent these statements are, your brain might take you for your word and actually hold onto more fat than normal to make that "I am fat" statement an actual physical reality. Sounds crazy, I know. But stay with me.

I ate half of that avocado hummus and all the tacos and infinity chips. Do I regret it? Not one bit.

2. Stop blaming your genes

There are some things that are determined by genes. Your hair color, certain personality traits, some disorders, your bone structure are genetic. Your weight is NOT determined by your genes (except for the small population who have genuinely have a genetic disorders, but you know who you are so disregard this).

Even if you have a thyroid problem, or insulin resistance, or diabetes it is more than likely that your lifestyle choices have created your health problems, NOT your genes. Take a look at your nutrition, your workouts, your stress levels, your sleep. Those are 90% of what create your body. And they are 100% in your control!

On a similar note, just because your mom has a flat booty doesn't mean that you have to resign to having a mom butt too! You can build it up, change your routines and BOOM! You'll have a butt that makes the Kardashians jealous (without plastic surgery lol).

YOU have control over what genes are expressed. There's a new field of research called Nutrigenomics if you are interested in the science behind some of what I'm talking about but I want to focus on the basics. Here they are: eat whole, good foods, move, practice positive mindsets, sleep. Simple and in your control.

3. Eat.

I know you. You work out a lot. Maybe you feel compelled to work out twice a day, I've been there. I also know that you are restricting your food. Even if you think that you eat too much, I guarantee you aren't eating enough.

I know that sounds scary! But think about it for a sec. Have you ever dieted super hard for a vacation and then eaten a huge, indulgent, carby meal as soon as you get there? And did you maybe notice that when you looked in the mirror the next day it looked like you had lost like 3 pounds?

There's a reason for that! Your body NEEDS calories and carbs in order to survive, especially if you exercise. I know that's not a popular opinion right now with Keto being such a fad but trust me, you gotta eat some fruits man.

If you have been dieting and restricting your metabolism is probably all out of whack, that's why you feel like you can't lose weight. It's because your body is terrified that it's not gonna get fed and so it holds on to fat stores. You have to eat enough nutritious foods to heal your metabolism and get to your healthiest weight!

Carbs good. Hungry bad.

Are you seeing the pattern here? Have you figured out the secret?

Your THOUGHTS create your reality.

Let me tell you how that relates to your weight. When you constantly focus on how fat you are, how you can't lose weight, your body hates you, you've always had thunder thighs so you can't change it.

Your mind takes that literally and helps you to create that reality. Whereas if you are thinking things like:

"I am so healthy and fit! I feel great!"

"I really love my thighs, they're super strong."

"Look at that booty! Those squats are paying off!"

You will create a new perception of your body that focuses on the GOOD things that your body does for you. You will start to value your body in a positive way and naturally WANT to do more to make your body even healthier. And then slowly you'll notice that you are losing weight easily and without making your life miserable.

It's really that simple. Simple but not easy. It takes time to create a lasting transformation for your body and soul but it is so worth it.

In my Body & Soul Transformation Program I guide you through how to change your mind and more to help you become your truest, freest, and healthiest self!

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