THE BODY & SOUL GUIDE | meredithrawlings


I developed this guide for my one-on-one clients in Body & Soul Bootcamp who really needed an extra nudge to help them identify WHY they have a messed up relationship with food, HOW to fix it and FINALLY be at peace with their bodies.


But then I realized that I want everyone to have access to it!

So I'm giving it to YOU first!


This is exactly what I wish I had had when I was struggling with dieting, binge eating, and hating my body!

I'm so excited to be able to give you this amazing tool!

But wait whats in it?

12 weeks of carefully curated journaling prompts to guide you through the process of making peace with your body & eating intuitively!

All you need is a journal and a desire to change yourself!

I know you're ready! 

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